remember when i was like
"o sorry guys, i'm to busy with my hotshot life doing god knows what to post on a blog anymore"

well, i fucking lied to you okay.
i was seeing some other readers  taking a break, but
lets just move past it okay, bygones. anyway blogger is not going to forward you to the new digs, you'll have to update your bookmark yourself. "but gumpy we like it here" well due to some retardness on Google's part, i needed to move my email address plus i did some gay shit on here im not going to do anymore an blah blah this isn't coming together in a way that interests you at all.

go here. [well not here, down there.]



R.I.P. the bcb

The Batcave Below is dead... but not really.
I'm moving to Gumpys Haus  where it will be pretty much the same song and dance.
If you've been with me for the last two years, i thank you  kindheartedly and encourage you to continue following me there.
If you just stumbled across this place, same thing.
To all the bands who've become my friends or sent me free shit, or enjoyed the love from this place expect more of the same from Gumpys Haus.
To all the douche bags who trolled here and whined about me not posting enough One Republic, Justin Beiber or other shit music, you're welcome to come to the new site too.

if you need to get a hold of me and are to lazy to click the link for the new page, my email is here.

otherwise, CHEERS and come check out the new digs.