[ITK] For Serious This TIme

sound: Punk/Emo
 myspace + merch.
For Serious This Time plays just the right mix of jangly pop punk that will shake you loose from any skram / hardcore funk you might be  hanging out in. Came across these guys on SAL [serious bro] and could not stop listening to their myspace waiting for their shit to download. You know when you hear a record that really makes you wish you were at their show screamin' all the lyrics with the guy next to you? FSTT bring that in the most infectious way, and leave a smile on your face. Anyway they have some super sweet hand numbered copies of their CD's, plus a sexy little tape with both their [EP]'s on it! If you dug Chalk Talk or Grown Ups these dudes are a definite must listen. Check em out!!

sounds like: Chalk Talk, Grown Ups

This Room [EP] & When You're In It.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Check out a stream for our new song from our upcoming 12" at http://bluesunshinestudio.bandcamp.com/ Enjoy.